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"So Inspirational"

"... good movie for young black people"

"... best movie ever, it really motivated me..."

"it gave me hope as a parent"

King Richard - cover.png

Dead Presidents Audience Reaction

"Good movie with a deep message"

"Great movie, sound track was dope"

"Cast is amazing, story is complex, there's layers to it"

Dead Presidents landscape.jpg

Two Can Play That Game Audience Reaction

"It was really refreshing"

"I'm looking forward to the next one"

"Really good"

"Nice atmosphere to walk into, i'm definitely coming back"

BIC Two can play poster DATE.jpg

Inside Man Audience Reaction

"Really good, good vibes, very nice"

"thought it was awesome, a proper cliff hanger till the last 5 minutes"

"All in all it was really really good"

"Denzel Washington was a Full Boss!!"

Inside man cover.jpg

Poetic Justice Audience Reaction

"The event was amazing, really loved the film, its a cult classic"

"The event was great and the organisers were so lovely"

poetic justice cover_edited.jpg

Set It Off Audience Reaction

"Loved the performances, particularly Jada Pinketts"

"Its all about love and kindness"

"Message behind the film is Can money really buy you happiness?"

"loved the soundtrack"

SET IT OFF WIDE NEW_edited.jpg

Boomerang Audience Reaction

"What a nostalgic film, so enjoyable, they don't make them like that anymore"


Candyman Audience Reaction

"Good film, good vibe, good energy"

5 (2).jpg

New Jack City Audience Reaction

"Good evening, Great film, Great company, Great hosts..."

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